Classes at Harmony LA (located in the MALDEF building)


This is the (Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund) MALDEF building. It is located at 634 S Spring St between 6th and 7th streets. Inside this building lies a small office for Harmony LA. While the office itself is small, the facilities themselves are huge! We will be offering a number of great offerings in fitness, arts, and plenty of fun! They include…

NEW! High School Yoga

NEW! Learn Qigong

Grant Proposal Writing & Identification – same great class with a new instructor who has plenty of experience with non-profits

NEW! Songwriting Workshop

Zumba – perfect after a full day at work, and need the cardio for release! $10 pays for 2 Fridays.

Now…this is in Downtown LA: not the best area for self-parking. You can try your luck, but you should try to take public transport (e.g. Metro), biking, or walking.

Images to come when they arrive.