Community Services Mission Statement

Our goal is to provide the community at large with a vast selection of educational, recreational, cultural seminars and classes for children. Working in conjunction with other departments on campus, our goal is to offer short-term instruction to our constituents to promote the quality of the community.

Los Angeles City College Mission Statement

As a comprehensive community college, Los Angeles City College offers life-long learning opportunities and provides programs, coursework, support, and guidance to develop and sustain a community of learners–both near and far–with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary for optimal growth and achievement in their personal and professional lives.

Community Services. A perfect choice.

As one of the city’s largely popular, affordable, and comprehensive providers of professional development and growth, we offer a wide range of classes just for you.

You really want to take classes with us if you are:

  • Working adults seeking continuing professional education.
  • Adults who want classes for fun and enrichment.
  • High school juniors/seniors seeking to jump-start college or improve their skills.
  • Non-native speakers looking to improve their English skills.

Our offerings include:

  • Open Enrollment to the community for classes through the weekdays and weekends.
  • Conveniently located in East Hollywood, with easy freeway access.
  • Awards of Completions, issued by us to show your employers to advance your career.

Whatever you choose, you’ll find Community Services at Los Angeles City College provides you with something great.

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