Classes We Think You’ll Like

We missed you. Whether you were celebrating love in the air or the leadership of America, here are a few titles we think you would love and be proud of.

Ukulele the Easy Way


This is Art. He plays ukulele. Pay, Art, play.

Art Nagata will teach you everything there is to know about the ukulele–from tuning and playing chords to buying the right ukulele for you. I mean, just look at him. He’s playing an ukulele with 8 strings! You should also check out our “Fab”ulous version as Beatles Ukulele.

Judo (for Adults)


It looks like these guys are floating. Acting. No, Judo actually.

Students will learn basic judo skills including throwing, groundwork (grappling), escapes and arm locks. No floating included. But seriously, the guy that does this is good.

NEW! Listening to the Movies

Film Reel

A film reel with a film of sorts that most likely contains music of sorts.

This is a new one for all of us. There will be special emphasis on influences from the Romantic Period and the use of Classical music in film. Films of Kubrick, Spielberg, and Hitchcock will be covered. I can only hope Jurassic Park comes up, please.

Tennis (Intermediate)


Learn to stand like this guy. And hold the racquet like so.

What was once exclusive for the Intermediate-level player is now available for Beginners. Really, take a swing at it.

Comics: The Art of Storytelling 

Jerrell Connor

Jerrell made this. He also make other pieces that are not of his face.

Ever wanted to create your own comic book? The answer? YES. This guy will show you how.


Great Wall

Learn this language to ask “Where is the bathroom?”

This class will focus on learning Chinese through the Pinyin system, which is a quicker and easier way to grasp the language in a short period of time. No more need to use a borderline-insulting-asian-person accent.

We kick off this Saturday Feb 22! You should check out all the neat stuff we have going on here.

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