What Is EWD?

The Economic Workforce Development (EWD) building is the home to many non-credit programs at City College, including Community Services. Our main office (EWD 501) and computer lab (EWD 700) are located here. This building has been used for operation of the Bookstore, ASG, Nursing, the Cafeteria, and more. It’s an old building with a new name. If you ask your way around campus, and you get some blank stares, don’t blame ’em. But being in an atypical setting, here’s some image to help guide you find EWD.


Looking West. There’s Holmes Hall straight ahead and Da Vinci on the right.


This view is from the vending machines at Da Vinci Hall. You see the Faculty & Staff Center.


EWD southside is on the right. To the left ( or father south) the Student Union building.


EWD Panoramic view. Approximately the middle of the building. These are our office windows.


EWD Panoramic view. The entrance is located at the first arches.


Once you enter, you’ll see an info desk (not ours). Out office doors are to the right. Our computer lab at EWD 700 is left around the corner.


Looking West. You’ll see a bit of the renovating Clausen Hall straight ahead.


Our Sign at EWD 501.

Campus Map

The campus map of City College.


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